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WE ARE Moving

Come Ninja with us

Classes  Will Open In May 

CAMPS 2022

June 5th- 9th - Cedar Point Camp 
June 12- 16 Fishing and Archery 
June 19-23 Waterfalls and Hiking in Ohio 






Olentangy Community Center
Beep Beep Rentals

Do you have lots of energy and love climbing on things and have great balance. Do you enjoy teaching Children? Ninja Warrior might be your thing. Apply today by contacting us. 

Our Mission Is to allow children to let the inner ninja out and have fun doing it. While our main focus is learning these skill, we also focus on discipline and following directions. 
We know that there are many families with Military members in them. We love and support our military and have military staff. Explosive Ninjas is all about the mission to hit the buzzer.  Many children find comfort completing a mission just like their parent. Read more on our mission page. 

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