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After School Care 

What is afterschool Care?

This program is Monday through Friday during the school year from after school till 6pm. It was designed for children to be active after school, and to get away from programs that do not allow children to run and play. Everyday students come into the gym, hang up there backpacks then play. This play is not organized by staff, it is designed by the students. Generally the staff will ask the children on the way back to the gym from school "what would you guys like to do?". The Students choose games like hockey, soccer, tag, hide-N-Seek, Flag football, design obstacle courses, and so on. As long as they are being respectful and safe, the sky is the limit to there options. Freedom play last till 5pm and then classes begin. After school students can join any of our programs at 5pm. This includes Dance, Ninja Warrior training, tumbling, and more to come.  We try to go on one field trip a month near by, we will send notices out at least a week prior. Parents are able to pick up there children at anytime. Fridays are open play till 6pm. 


What is the cost?

$180.00 a month 

What if there is no School?

This is an auto withdraw each month. 

If there is no school, we offer full day care at additional cost. 


What do we need to bring?

Students will want to bring a water bottle, tennis shoes, and snacks. (refrigerator and microwave is available)


Why should I sign up at explosive Ninjas?

Top reasons: 
1) We believe there is a mental health issue in America. One of the causes is due to children spend to much time in front of screens and not enough time running and playing and communicating with peers. We want to fix that by giving children more opportunities are be active in controlled environment 

2) Our students are taught respect and are expected to have respect for each other, coaches, family, parents, and themselves. We teach them what is means to respect these people and what that looks like in a normal day. For example: We talk about a sign of showing respect to there parents is looking at them when a parents is talking to them. 

3) We are dedicated to making our community a physically healthyMentally healthy, safe environment for years to come. 


How do I sign up ? follow steps below


Fill out document #1 below. Email to


Fill out document #2 below. Email to


Fill out Waiver below. It will automatically send to us.

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